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LiquidVzn Announces National Minority Owned Title Services Firm.


national-title-servicesTwo Industry Veterans Announce Acquisition of National Title Company & Formation of A National Minority Owned Title Services Firm.

DonWall Asset, LLC, a minority-owned firm led by real estate industry veteran and partner, Lonnie Allen, recently acquired a controlling ownership in Liquid Vizion Group, LLC (LiquidVZN), a real estate title services firm. A 51% interest of LiquidVZN’s shares was purchased from Christopher McLucas, CEO and Owner of Paradise Settlement Services, who formed LiquidVZN in 2009.

Komaro, LLC, Ray Ferrarin, Investor, along with McLucas, own the remaining interest in LiquidVZN.

As leading advocates for minority business opportunities, the new owners of LiquidVZN recognize opportunities such as title services, risk management, servicing, loan origination, and automated underwriting are just a few areas where collaboration will be available in the coming years through LiquidVZN and the company’s strategic team.

The industry has been waiting for someone to fill the “void in leadership” in both the minority and non-minority communities as it relates to “underserved markets”. According to industry veteran, Don Maxwell, an ex-Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Executive, “The right individuals have not been strategically positioned in the C-Level Suites to gain ground in these markets. By not having the right individuals in these positions the chances of achieving parity in the marketplace is significantly lessened. Strategically targeting the underserved markets will ultimately constitute good business for everyone and not just for individuals and companies looking to make quotas”.

Lonnie Allen, Partner with DonWall, said it was “perfect timing and an easy decision” when asked about the acquisition of LiquidVZN. He also said “Eventually someone would have done it, why not us”.

Liquid VZN Group, LLC (LiquidVZN) is a national minority-owned title agency with alliances in local markets. Our unique centralized order processing allows a one-stop solution for title insurance for national and regional lenders services on a nationwide basis. LiquidVZN is currently licensed in 36 states with additional states coming soon. The Corporate Offices and National Processing Center are centrally located just minutes north of Dallas, TX.

For more information about LiquidVZN, please visit us at www.liquidvzngroup.com

Press Release Contact:

Lynn Black

Marketing Manager

Liquid Vizion Group, LLC

[email protected]


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